1. Dünya Cerrahi Online Konferansı

1. Dünya Cerrahi Online Konferansı 

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İntegratif Tıp Derneği Proloterapi Çalışma Grubu Başkanı Uzm.Dr.İlker Solmaz 12-14 Kasım 2013 tarihinde düzenlenecek olan 1. Dünya Cerrahi Online Konferansına konuşmacı olarak katılacaktır. Program ABD Houston merkezli olarak düzenlenecek ve birçok farklı ülkeden konusunda yetkin 63 konuşmacı katılacaktır.
İntegratif Tıp Derneği Proloterapi Çalışma grubu üyeleri olarak kendisini tebrik eder, ilgili uluslararası organizasyonda başarılar dileriz.


Dear colleagues

On behalf of the organizing committee of Target Meeting, a leading online life science conference organizer, we are proud to announce that TM’s 1st world surgery online conference will be held on November 12-14, 2013. It will be an innovative, informative, and interesting online conference without travel. All attendees connect to online conference's servers. You can participate in this conference at your office or home. It is completely private and secure. You just need headphone and internet connection. Do not need specialized equipment. We feel confident that you will get many inputs or collaborations from the presentations, panel discussions, and educational workshops.

Major symposiums of interest include, but not limited to
• General surgery and critical care
• Bariatric surgery
• Cardiothoracic surgery
• Otolaryngology and oral surgery
• Pediatric surgery
• Plastic and reconstructive surgery
• Surgical oncology
• Trauma surgery
• Urology
• Vascular surgery 
• Neurological surgery

You will receive many benefits
• Follow major research developments in a variety of hot areas;
• Meet international speakers and attendees in real time;
• Network and exchange ideas with target audience;
• Build your solid reputation and impact;
• Establish more academic collaborations;
• All presentations and discussions are in real time;
• Eliminate travel, time, and money cost.

Target Meeting strongly encourages you to join and take advantage of many benefits at Target Meeting. Once there, you can bring your questions, problems, ideas, or issues what you want for discussion. And, of course, you will get many inputs or collaboration from global experts. We look forward to having you to be part of Target Meeting. Please feel free to contact us by email (williams@targetmeeting.com) if you have any questions. 

Sincerely yours

Organizing Committee of Target Meeting

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